5 Sustainable Women's Designer Clutch Brands to Invest in Now!

With the global population reaching up to 9 billion by 2030 and the decreasing natural resources, it will be challenging to meet even the basic human demands. The fashion industry is solely responsible for releasing 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, each year. 

However, with time, both the customers and manufacturers have realized the need to conserve the environment and are dedicated to creating high-end but sustainable fashion products.

With that said, let’s gather some more information about sustainable fashion and the top brands that care about our nature. 

What Exactly Is Sustainable Fashion? 

All the fashion accessories are designed most sustainably in this process, promoting the environment and social responsibility. Sustainable brands promote recycling, thrifting, sharing, and renting to conserve natural resources.

There are many sustainable clothing brands out there, but what about women’s designer clutches? It is an essential fashion accessory that enhances any outfit. 

Here lets us talk about the five sustainable clutch brands you must surely invest in.

  • Cuyana 

  • Cuyana is a San Francisco-based brand that goes by the mantra “Fewer, better.” They prefer quality over quantity. Their fantastic collection of handbags and clutches is made through carefully selected fabrics and attention to the tiniest of detail. 

    Not just that, Cuyana also provides free shipping for every domestic order. Each clutch piece is hand-made, high-quality materials by the skilled craftsman of the US, Europe, and China.

  • Maestoso

  • Maestoso brand understands that people's choices have an impact on their surrounding environment. So, this women’s designer clutches brand works to ease down the carbon footprint by using sustainable practices for creating stylish clutches that are durable. 

    The brand uses recyclable packing and plants a tree on every sale to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. 


  • This Scottish brand’s creations are eco-fashion masterpieces.. It is the best definition of both luxury and sustainable fashion for the long term. House of Rocio creates the most stylish handbags and clutches using the finest craftsmanship and sustainable materials. 

    The ROCIO brand is dedicated to designing waste out of all the bags so each of their designs can enjoy a complete restoration to extend their longevity or can easily be recycled to enjoy a second life. Their customers can resell and even service their women’s designer clutches after use.

  • Chylak

  • Chylak, founded by Zofia Chylak, is a French brand of hand-crafted handbags. The best part is that more than 62% of their purses and clutches are manufactured from recycled ocean products. They use recycled or natural rubber interfacing to stiffen the handbags.

  • Roop

  • Roop is the best example of new-age sustainable fashion bags and clutches. The founder Natasha Fernandes Anjo has taken Instagram by storm by creating handbags using leftover cuts from the factories, second-hand eBay finds as well as charity shops. She makes each piece by hand into something new. 

    Each clutch in Roop is unique and one of its kind. Not just that, the brand's packaging is made from recycled products, too.


    These are 5 of the top environmentally-friendly and sustainable fashion brands on the market today.. So, what are you waiting for? Discover these brands today and contribute to a sustainable and fashionable future.

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