At ROCIO, we only select the finest sustainable & rapidly renewable materials at our studios. Our handpicked Acacia wood is officially certified, and our suppliers are verified by the Environment of Natural Resources. When a mature tree is finally ready for harvest, it is witnessed by a forest ranger and up to fifty tree saplings are planted in its place. Its important to harvest wood before the tree dies as this managed harvesting prevents CO2 being released into the atmosphere. Nature grows & the environment improves with every single ROCIO wood bag that is created.

Our Wicker designs are handwoven from the finest rattan which is also a fast growing and a rapidly replenishable material.Since rattan grows very quickly, it requires little water to grow and is almost always grown pesticide-free, it is an eco-friendly & long lasting material that uses less of the Earth's resources. Perfect for ROCIO!

Ethical suppliers are key to ensuring the quality of our Shells. Practicing long term sustainability techniques and harvest management ensures a renewable & healthy supply. Specially chosen pearl farmers and fishermen from ocean-dependent communities are among our long-term partners based in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and French Polynesia.

Sustainable and ethical practices underpin everything we do with a focus on high quality and natural beauty.

We are also devoted to designing waste out of all our bags so each of our designs can enjoy a full restoration to extend their longevity or can easily be recycled to enjoy a 2nd life.

We take our time in creation and make no apologies for our slow fashion approach in producing for the long term. Each ROCIO bag can be lovingly passed down through the generations and we are able to reduce the consumption of our resources.

We are fully committed to a sustainable circular economy and in helping to reduce waste and our carbon footprint. We use DHL's "Go Green" for all our logistics. We carry out the 3 "R's". Reduce, reuse and recycle. We recycle & reuse each of our season's samples and collections. In July 2019 ROCIO was officially recognised for our initiatives by Scottish Edge and we were proud to receive the first ever "Circular Economy" award sponsored by Zero Waste Scotland.