About Us

ROCIO is a luxury eco-fashion label founded and based in Scotland, United Kingdom.

"Our mission is to combine nature & artistry to make our designs the definition of sustainable fashion that can be enjoyed for the long term".

The brand's artistic direction is to challenge and design in a creative art style using only the finest craftsmanship & sustainable materials. To create exceptional design that displays outstanding natural beauty.

We live in a world where there is fast, mass production and an over consumption of our raw materials. Products are specifically designed to fail over the short term.

At ROCIO, we are devoted to designing waste out of all our bags so each of our designs can enjoy a full restoration to extend their longevity or can easily be recycled to enjoy a 2nd life.

Our clients can reuse,resell and even service their handbags. Each ROCIO design is work of art, a rare and gratifying investment that appreciates over time.

At ROCIO we are fully committed to be resource efficient and we employ responsible consumption and unique production techniques.

In 2019, ROCIO was proudly the first ever recipient of the Scottish Edge "Circular Economy" award for our business model & our zero waste initiatives, awarded by Zero Waste Scotland. We carry out the 3 "R's". Reduce, reuse and recycle. We recycle & reuse each of our season's samples and collections.

We only select the finest sustainable & rapidly renewable materials at our studios. Our handpicked Acacia wood is officially certified, and our suppliers are verified by the Environment of Natural Resources. When a mature tree is finally ready for harvest, it is witnessed by a forest ranger and depending upon it's age, up to fifty tree saplings are planted in its place. Its important to harvest wood before the tree dies as this managed harvesting prevents CO2 being released into the atmosphere. Nature grows and the environment's health improves with every ROCIO bag.

Our award winning signature wooden handbags are individually sculpted from harvested & fallen acacia wood by artisan's over a meticulous 19 stage process with individual creation times of up to 4/6 weeks. It is this level of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail that truly defines the ROCIO brand. A dedication which ensures our clients receives not only a beautiful handbag, but a masterpiece of collectable art, epitomising eco-luxury & glamour in it's purest sense.

"We never aspired to be in a fast-fashion race and present multiple collections each fashion season.

We believe it's a designer's responsibility to produce work that retains it's beauty and value for the long term.We take our time in creation and make no apologies for our slow fashion approach and in selecting the finest long lasting materials. Each ROCIO design is a gift of time & can be lovingly passed down and cherished through the generations.

The creative journey is our just reward. It's a privilege and an honour to be able to work first hand with the raw beauty of nature. We hope that our designs bring our clients as much pride and pleasure as we have had in their creation”.

Hamish G Menzies
Founder & Creative Director | ROCIO




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Coco Handbag Natural


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